Research result & Some Concept

We discovered there are a lot of retrospective things in Sham Shui Po after we have visited. In the retrospective things, some of them are very important and memorial.

Apart from retrospective things, we find that there is friendliness between people even animals.

There are several reasons; shopkeepers feed animals in their store.

They will play with the animals. They? Who are them?

They are shopkeepers, neighbor and passerby.etc.

Although the animals are ‘pet’, the shopkeepers never treat them like ‘pet’, in fact, shopkeepers treat them like friends, maybe are family members.

Shopkeepers on duty with animals what are not only stay outside of store, they are a part of life of the shopkeepers.

In this case, we saw shopkeepers and their animals have the intimate relationship.

We are ordinarily see the world in own eyes in the human angle.

In Sham Shui Po, we saw many animals. Some of them have a master lucky, some of them just stray on the street.

So that we would like to use the angle of animals to see Sham Shui Po, to see this place where are full of treasure

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